Since 1995 Fogmaker International AB has been developing, manufacturing and marketing fire extinguishing systems for engine compartments with high pressure water mist. Our fire suppression system has a unique extinguishing performance as it both cools and digests the fire, while the foam additive effectively prevents the fire from re-igniting.

Mobile Vehicle
Thanks to our mobile vehicle in Istanbul, we serve our customers in every point of Turkey. System maintenance is carried out by professional and trained people at the locations of our customers. You can find details on our Defensertr website.

Why Fogmaker?

Fogmaker fire extinguishing system is normally installed in less than one working day. Installation is carried out by our own traveling Field Engineers or by one of our many certified installers all over the world.
Triple Action³ - attacks all three sides of the fire triangle
Simplicity - no power supply, location independent, minimal obstacles
Low Lifecycle Cost - annual audit, 5 years of service
Minimal cleaning after system triggering
System monitoring - event monitoring, low pressure and fire alarm
Automatic engine shutdown (optional)
In-house product development
Global network for service/installation by partners who are certified according to the Fogmaker Training Academy program.
Certified training courses through the Fogmaker Traning Academy.